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Legacy Products (edje101X, Soloist2, Duet)
folder Outdated documentation (mediaControl users) (1)
Contains old manuals for old firmware (2.03.14 and lower firmware, mediaControl software). Newer firmware (2.05.XX+) utilizes the WebGUI for control and firmware upgrades. Documentation in this area is irrelvant for new or upgraded units.

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document File names that won’t go away on SignEdje, Edje-4111 and Soloist HD Pro
On the SignEdje, Edje-4111 and Soloist HD Pro if you delete schedule files while a schedule is...
Not rated 20 Nov, 2014 Views: 1011
document Closed Caption troubleshooting a RD-60 with SD-SDI
There are two valid ways to carry captions in SD -SDI .  We originally implemented...
Not rated 13 Feb, 2014 Views: 1011
document 4K Configuration
  Adtec 4K Configuration   EN-91P / EN-100 / RD-70/...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2014 Views: 1705
document Configuring RD-60/RD-70 for IP Receive
Instructions for configuring RD-60/RD-70 for IP receive   For Unicast, you set the address...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2014 Views: 1133
document Does Adtec have plans to use MPEG 4 container/wrapper?
We can decode MPEG 4 AVC/H.264, encoder the ISO MPEG 2 Transport Stream container/wrapper, We do...
Not rated 22 Sep, 2011 Views: 1256
document Does the Sign Edje or Edje 4111 do MPEG 4 playback?
Adtec’s current line of decoders support MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264. The files must be...
Not rated 22 Sep, 2011 Views: 1306
document Upload (FTP) Issues with Bonjour in WEB GUI
When using Bonjour to connect to a units WEB GUI interface, the Upload (FTP) application will...
Not rated 19 Mar, 2010 Views: 1424
document WEB GUI Login and File Upload
The attached document outlines HOW-TO login into your Adtec device and upload content via Adtec's...
rating 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1318
document WEB GUI List Creation
The attached PDF outlines HOW-TO create lists in Adtec's WEB GUI interface.
Not rated 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1116
document WEB GUI Schedule Creation
The attached PDF outlines HOW-TO create a schedule in Adtec's WEB GUI interface for decoders.
Not rated 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1033


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