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document System Level 'SPW' Server Username Password Update
The SPW command has been updated to change telnet password as well as Web access ( Telnet changing...
Not rated 12 May, 2010 Views: 1709
document Upload (FTP) Issues with Bonjour in WEB GUI
When using Bonjour to connect to a units WEB GUI interface, the Upload (FTP) application will...
Not rated 19 Mar, 2010 Views: 1424
document WEB GUI Login and File Upload
The attached document outlines HOW-TO login into your Adtec device and upload content via Adtec's...
rating 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1318
document WEB GUI List Creation
The attached PDF outlines HOW-TO create lists in Adtec's WEB GUI interface.
Not rated 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1116
document WEB GUI Schedule Creation
The attached PDF outlines HOW-TO create a schedule in Adtec's WEB GUI interface for decoders.
Not rated 12 Mar, 2010 Views: 1033
document How to login to front panel
A video has been created to show how the front panel login process works.  You may view the...
Not rated 25 Jan, 2010 Views: 1016
document Time Synchronization using NTP
Adtec highly recommends utilizing an NTP Server for time synchronization in time sensitive...
Not rated 28 Dec, 2009 Views: 1285
document Feature key unlock process
Some Adtec units have unlockable features such as High Definition or 422 Chroma.  If you are...
Not rated 18 Dec, 2009 Views: 984
document How to adjust front panel contrast
Hold the MODE + ESCAPE keys on the front panel,  then use the UP or DOWN arrows to...
Not rated 30 Nov, 2009 Views: 1043
document How to get connected over serial using TeraTerm
This PDF Guide explains how to get connected to the API serial port (COM2 @ 38,400 bps) with...
Not rated 06 Nov, 2009 Views: 1485


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