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File names that won’t go away on SignEdje, Edje-4111 and Soloist HD Pro

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Posted: 20 Nov, 2014
by: Gedanken J.
Updated: 20 Nov, 2014
by: Gedanken J.

On the SignEdje, Edje-4111 and Soloist HD Pro if you delete schedule files while a schedule is running you can corrupt the file registration database in the unit. This is not a catastrophic problem, but one that can easily be fixed.

This may also happen with lists and spots as well if the file is loaded/running and you delete the file

You can try to delete the file from the GUI , but the next time to go to the schedule tab, you will see the files have returned! Deleting them via FTP will delete the actual files, but they will still show up in the GUI

To fix the file registration, you will need to delete the file registration database and reboot.  This should allow the unit to reindex files and operate properly.  Do note, as soon as you do it again, this issue will happen again.

Connect to the unit via TELNET




Reboot the unit and it will be fixed

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