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Manual Firmware Upgrade via Telnet and FTP

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Posted: 05 Nov, 2009
by: Support T.
Updated: 16 Dec, 2009
by: Support T.
This article shows how to manually update the firmware on an Adtec unit.  Please use the WebGUI to update firmware if it is available. 

1.) Obtain product firmware file from www.adtecinc.com or adtec support.
2.) Transfer the file to the unit with FTP
3.) Connect to unit via Telnet
4.) Use the VRN API Command to update the firmware .

    (This will search for compressed tgz images and show you a file path to the firmware that was transferred to the unit.  The path will look similar to "/media/hd0/productname-vxx.xxxx.nfcms.tgz".)

   (Use the file path that VRN SEARCH yielded and this command will extract the compressed file.)

    (This will show applicable firmware versions available on unit, including the version you have just extracted)

     (Use the firmware version that the VRN LIST yielded for the firmware that was just uploaded.  The path should look something similar to "adtec/productname/X.XX.XX.  Once selected the unit will reboot.  After the reboot, your unit will be running the new firmware version.  You may always use the VRN LIST and VRN SELECT commands to roll back after the update if needed.)

VRN API Listing:
http://www.adtecinc.com/support/apis/mediahubhd422/api /version.html

note*: The "*" asterick was added for backwards compatibility with older firmware revisions (2.01.54 decoders, 1.02.XX DPI).  Newer firmware revisions do not require it.  The command spelled out is "asterick<space>VRN<space>search<enter key>".
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