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Factory Reset (Resets all configuration including IP Address)

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Posted: 04 Dec, 2009
by: Support T.
Updated: 20 Nov, 2014
by: Support T.
A factory reset of a unit might be useful for a variety of reasons.  A factory reset will reset all configurations including network information.  Media Content and DVC files located on the storage medium will not be deleted.  This command works on signEdje, edje4111, soloist4111, soloistHDPro, mediaHUBHDPro, mediaHUBHD422, and edje5110 units.  The factory reset API was added in 2.03.13 decoder firmware and added to the GUI in 2.05.11 firmware .

A factory reset can only be performed on units that can be accessed via the API .  There are two procedures to factory reset a unit,  Manually and through the WebGUI:

WebGUI Procedure:
1.)  Connect to the unit via WebGUI.
2.)  Visit the Upgrade tab in the WebGUI.
3.)  Click on the 'Restore' button next to the currently installed firmware
note*: Unit will then reboot with factory defaults including IP Address.

Manual Procedure:
1.) Connect to the unit via API (serial or telnet)

2.) Determine the 'name' of the unit with the NAME API command
*.sysd name

3.) Issue the reinit command with the name
RESET REINIT signEdje_000000

4.) The unit will reboot with factory defaults.  The Adtec default IP Address is
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