Adtec advanced Usage Manual (DVC, SHD, STC, XCP)


            Thank you for using Adtec for your existing or up and coming projects!  The purpose of this manual is to cover advanced features of Adtec decoders (signEdje/edje4111/soloistHDPro) and encoders (mediaHUB HD Pro/mediaHUB HD 422) that are most commonly used in advanced integration projects, demos, and/or sales. 


The features primarily documented will be DVC, SHD, and SMIL files, as well as, XCP, STC and Mirroring capabilities.  The appendix contains real world examples of how utilizing these features can turn your Adtec device into a powerful automated machine.  This manual is read best while also viewing the ‘API Notes’.  For a full list of API commands available for your product, please select your product -> API Notes in the support and downloads section of


Please note: Adtec offers limited free support for advanced use of products and/or integration.  Adtec does offer fee based training for advanced setup, integration support, and testing if required.  We offer hourly and daily installation rates, please inquire about our rates by calling Adtec support.